With the completion of Phase 1 of the project and the availability of results from model benchmarking, it has been a busy time for project outreach activities.  In February 2019, Dr. Joaquim Bellvert (researcher at IRTA) presented the project ‘Sentinel for Evapotranspiration’ and the potentiality of obtaining maps of transpiration and water stress at 20-m spatial resolution on a weekly basis in three conferences. The first conference was the International Course on Irrigation of Almonds organized by IRTA and UC Davis. This course, was attended by more than 50 technicians who probably represented the most important almond companies in the Mediterranean region. The second conference was held in León (Spain)  under the title ‘Innovation Towards an Irrigated Precision Agriculture’. This conference, which was organized by three different irrigation districts of the area, gathered more than 300 farmers and technicians from the county of Castilla-León (Spain). Finally, the third conference was held in Marrakesh under the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie REC project final meeting were IRTA have been invited to present the results of the  SEN-ET project.

In May the project will be represented at two additional fora by DHI GRAS. From the 7th till 9th of May the 5th Sentinel-3 Validation Team Meeting  will be held at ESA/ESRIN in Frascati (Italy) and DHI GRAS will present their experience with using Sentienl-3 SLSTR data for evapotranspiration modelling. A week later the latest project results will be outlined during the “From Agriculture Mapping to Monitoring: Agricultural water use” session at the Living Planet Symposium in Milan (Italy). Finally, IRTA will again explain the SEN-ET project at the ‘International Symposium of Irrigation on Horticulutral Crops’ in Matera (Italy).