We are collecting and assembling a database of in situ data for validation of ET-rates. This database will be used for the evaluation of the prototype ET-models, and will be released for public (pending licensing agreement) once ready.

The SEN-ET Validation Dataset (VD) includes observations from the representative sites in temperate climatic zone, semi-arid climatic zones, and will cover different land types, with a priority on agricultural sites (annual crops and orchards) but also coniferous forest, broadleaf forest, grassland and savanna.

The following guidelines in terms of site selection for validation data have been identified:

In selecting flux sites, special attention has been given to the documentation of the flux data set and the characterization of uncertainties and data pre-processing. Direct observations of energy fluxes (radiation balance components, sensible and latent heat) are a requirement for all sites. Ancillary observations which may add to a better understanding of the land surface processes, like for instance vegetation variables, in situ measurements of land surface temperature etc. are desirable. Temporal coverage must match the availability of Sentinel 2 and 3 data, and continuity of measurement in 2018 is needed. At least 5 cloud free days per year is an additional requirement.

More information on data availability, site locations and data formats will be published once ready